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Come and experience for yourself the vast amount of stock comprising of some 60,000 items from leather bindings to contemporary paperbacks. A perusal of the pictures on this page will give you a good idea of layout and presentation of stock, which is spread over 5 rooms.

The desk and display area has children's books, stamps, a topography section and leather bound books.


Re-unite yourself with old friends such as Biggles, William, Tarzan, Dr Fu Manchu, Jeeves, Katy, Jane Austen, Mrs Gaskell, the Brontes etc. Explore every corner of the Universe from caves of North Borneo to the outer reaches of the Galaxy.

We have a large selection of railway books in the dedicated transport and militaria room.

Transport Books

A customer once remarked "It's like the garden of Eden in here!" Owners reply: "I haven't seen anybody running around naked recently." Customer: "Maybe not but I do get tempted everytime I come in!" To paradise and back again so to speak.

The newly opened music room has CDs, vinyl, sheet music and music related books.

Music Room

We are moving rapidly towards the e-book, so it is therefore refreshing to experience the atmosphere evoked by the rows and rows of old volumes. There is no real substitute for locating those sought after titles, to see them with your own eyes, handle the old bindings, admire the wonderful artistic dustjackets, the relics of a bygone age.

The fourth room contains cookery books, a mind, body and spirit section, first editions, collecting, old fiction and biography.

First Editions

The spirits of the deceased owners united with long lost forgotten authors whom new bookshops claim to have never heard of and libraries have many since discarded to landfill.

The fifth room contains classics, natural history and sport sections.


Without giving all the secrets of the shop away, I strongly advise you to pay us a visit and see for yourself.